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Memory Lane – Progress report….Keith’s Privet Stump

April 2016 – Our first look at the bush in a bucket!
All is revealed and a new planting angle.
That is quite a stump!
Close up of what will become the tree.
August 2016 – The tree has grown well during the summer.
Another selection had to be made.
September 2017 – One year later……the tree had been repotted in the spring in a more appropriate training pot and at the new planting angle.
Work on the carving project is now well on its way.
October 2019 – Another year….but how this tree has progressed. That massive ugly stump is now looking so convincing. The outline of the eventual foliage mass is now becoming clearly visible.
More detail to the deadwood.

A very powerful bonsai image is at last beginning to emerge. In less than 4 years what looked almost impossible material is now showing truly exceptional potential…… this space as they say!!!