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Ian’s Juniper Raft Landscape

I think Ian had been inspired by some of my landscape creations and also pictures he had seen on the internet. He knew exactly what he wanted and very skilfully fastened these two roofing slates together.
He also carefully selected this Juniper Chinensis from our sales benches and duly arrived at a workshop in April 2018 raring to go!
The trunk had to be shortened. Useable branches were selected and wired.
Keto is used to hold the compost and rootball in place. The beauty of this design is that there is very little disturbance to the rootball enabling the tree to recover quickly from the work and maintain it’s vigour.
With the moss in place at the end of the workshop the creation already has a mature and established look to it.
November 2019…..moss and trees are both doing exceptionally well. The next job will be to thin out some of the foliage mass and detailed wiring of the branches. This should take the tree to it’s next level.

Full marks to Ian for having the vision to create his slab base and selecting the tree that was ideally suited to the task. I was just happy to help along the way in bringing his idea to fruition.

The real beauty about this creation is that the materials used were relatively basic, the technique is simple and straightforward, but the actual transformation is really dramatic with an immediate satisfying result.