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“Houston we have a problem…..!!!”

The iconic phrase everyone has heard and just maybe the one phrase that signifies the biggest problem you are ever likely to encounter!

This phrase came to mind almost immediately when Steve walked in to the studio on a one to one with the Trident Maple featured below.

I suppose I just imagined the branches trying to communicate with the roots and how appropriate the iconic phrase above would be!
A problem indeed!
Yes it has gone right through! The saw cut made through a large ugly scar which was starting to rot.
Steve did not like the section of trunk laid on the soil surface or the large scar and was concerned about the rot setting in.
The tree has not been too long in the pot but already has a good typically Trident Maple fibrous root system.
The separation is under way. This discarded trunk section will be replanted in a training pot where there is every chance it will sprout and give us the possibility for creating a powerful small tree.
The main tree has retained a strong and plentiful root system.
Untangled, pruned and ready for repotting.
The new trunk line has good movement and reasonable taper.
The tree was given a light pruning. We need to make a drastic pruning bringing all the branches back closer to the trunk so that we can rebuild the structure. It has elongated too far. I will do this later in the growing season when I can check the vigour of the tree to ensure it has recovered from the repotting and to maximise back budding.
You can see the developing rot in the old scar. This will need some serious carving.

This is a really good bonsai project. We now have the chance to create a good informal upright tree which is what Steve wanted from this material.

There is also the possibility of a stocky and very interesting second tree.

Two good ongoing projects to enjoy and learn from whilst creating potentially excellent trees…….and a huge sigh of relief as we tell Houston……problem solved!!!