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Inside Out Repotting…..Part Two

The same client as in the part one article also brought this Scots Pine along for repotting.
The tree removed from its rather heavy concrete pot!
A close up of the root mass showing strong weed growth and a wet blackness although there is good mycorrhiza present.
Once again the poor black soil in the middle of the rootball was removed. There is still some good soil incorporating Akadama around the outer section from our last repot. This time though the outer sections are also teased out to remove a wet solid black mass of decaying roots to improve drainage and promote further new root growth.
The roots and soil we had to remove.
The finished tree in its new much “lighter” training pot!
The branches have been pruned for a basic styling ready for further training and development.

Once again on the next repotting the outer roots can be pruned back in the traditional way. The soil in the rootball will have been totally replaced but with minimum stress to the tree.