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Are your trees back budding?

Big John my Trident Maple gets really dense in the summer.
This picture taken a few days ago of a branch close to the trunk shows how he is back budding inside……and it’s the same over the whole tree.
Taxus Cuspidata pictured in June 2018
A few days ago……emerging new buds.
Japanese Black Pine pictured September 2019
This species often throws out too many buds!!
Japanese White Pine on rock pictured in January
Pictured today.

You need to get your trees back budding to improve ramification and maintain vigour. This will enable you to be able to prune branches back in the future to maintain the desired profile and prevent your branches becoming leggy with the foliage too far away from the trunk.

Now is a good time to look over your trees to see how they are doing and if your cultivation techniques are working.