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Defining the triangle…..

When you are seeking to improve the shape of your trees sometimes you need to reflect on that broad triangular canopy that you associate with both mature parkland trees and established mature bonsai.

Sometimes it involves wiring. This tree has been comprehensively wired but at the moment looks more like an octopus in turmoil than a miniature tree.
This just looks so much better after a bit of shaping. It now has the basis of form and is much more representative of what we are trying to achieve.
There is even a really nice twisting Shari hidden in there.
Sometimes it involves pruning. This tree has the basic form but is in danger of reverting back to a bush.
There is nice movement and a good basic structure of heavy old branches hidden inside.
Thinned out the overall canopy is still there but the underlying structure of an old tree is now clearly visible. Light and air now entering the tree is good for future health and development.

As your trees continue to grow and develop every so often you will need to intervene and retrieve the shape of its canopy. Sometimes you may be able to get a result with some selective pruning but eventually it will more than likely need another complete wiring.

Continually redefining the triangular canopy is part of your ongoing bonsai maintenance work but each time you do this you are lifting your tree to his next level.