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Back to School!!!

Following the latest relaxation of lockdown measures by the government I have decided to reopen my business.

From the 1st July I will be available for private tuition classes such as one to one or one to two. You can book these in the normal way by contacting me by email so that we can then arrange a mutually convenient date and time. All previously arranged classes for July will remain cancelled.

From the 1st August I will relaunch my regular midweek and weekend classes. Initially numbers will be kept to a maximum of 6 students on each class. This will enable adequate social distancing as each student will now have two desks.

I will shortly release a new schedule of classes and dates on my website. Initially this will just cover August and September. Assuming there are no changes or tightening of restrictions I will then release further dates for subsequent months.

You will be able to book these classes in the usual way directly on the website. Those of you who have deposits credited to your account following the enforced cancellation of classes have two options. You can contact me by email to book you on a class and I will transfer the deposit, or you can book yourself on the website paying another deposit and then I will balance out the credit when I see you on class.

Judging by the number of enquiries I have received about restarting classes and the fact that there are now only 6 places on each class it is likely that they will fill up fast. I would urge you to book quickly once you have a suitable date in mind.

Costs for all classes and private tuition will remain the same as they were prior to lockdown. I am really looking forward to working with both old and new students once again.