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Alison’s privet making great progress

July 2018 – An unkempt privet bush planted in a washing up bowl. Not the best looking bonsai I had for sale on the nursery at the time. But unlike so many customers Alison took the trouble to look inside.
Pruning away all the excessive growth revealed a basic structure but more importantly a short stocky tree with impressive wide buttress and excellent taper.
A view from the other side.
November 2018 – The tree has responded to the pruning and grown back well.
The tree is again pruned back ready to go in spring. The long extension has been left to help thicken the lower branch.
July 2021 – What a transformation in three years. A larger denser canopy and a new better looking training pot which has obviously helped promote excellent growth.
The tree is again pruned back making a selection of branches in preparation for wiring.
August 2021 – The tree wired and ready for branch positioning.
Branches positioned and lightly pruned to shape. The tree is making an excellent bonsai in the Japanese style with a broad canopy enhancing the image of an old mature tree. The amazing taper is now clearly exposed. In three years we have a very impressive bonsai showing really good quality in such a small size.