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The more they grow the more I prune!

Just a few trees that recently arrived on classes and left much lighter on the way out! Aesthetically and health wise they are so much better for it too.

Neil’s red deshojo maple resembled a large bush.
Now you can appreciate that it’s a small forest and a very good natural looking one too.
Lee’s privet complete with lower branch extensions.
Underneath there is a classic Japanese bonsai image.
David’s Satsuki azalea with new growth after flowering.
Pruned strongly in the lower branches and lightly in the crown area. It is now ready to produce next years flower buds.
Ian’s Hawthorne has extended well in all areas.
Once pruned it’s easy to see a very pleasing silhouette beginning to emerge.
Rob’s Korean hornbeam is the picture of health with its vibrant green foliage.
Now we can see some foliage clouds and spaces beginning to emerge.
The junipers don’t want to be left out too.
A nice smaller size juniper Ittogawa.