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Bonsai Classes return!!

CLASSES ARE BACK TOMORROW!!! Wednesday 14th April will see a return to classes and I really am looking forward to welcoming you and your trees. We will continue to wear masks, safe distance and follow all the other government guidelines. Your response has been brilliant with all classes released for April and May completely sold […]

Repotting Service

One of my students has suggested I offer a repotting service as they are unable to repot their trees on classes this year. If there was sufficient interest in this it is something I would be prepared to do. If you had any trees that you were uncomfortable about repotting yourself you could drop them […]

Larch pruning

Its that time of year when the bare branches on larch make it so much easier to prune them back to shape. They can also be wired and styled at the same time. Once the tree has an established shape and reasonable ramification we are often pruning last seasons growth back to only one or […]